10 signs That Should visit a Urologist

10 signs That Should visit a Urologist

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    If you are suffering from a urological problem, then it’s important to visit a urologist.

    In case the problem is due to some slight problem, nipping it in the bud would be the desirable outcome. In case it is something serious, the sooner the better. Staying urologically and sexually healthy is vital for remaining overall healthy. If you are facing urological problems, you must visit the nearest urology centre. urologist in Punjab is suitable option if you reside in Punjab. An urologist is the best person to identify the problem and recommend the best suitable treatment for you. It is crucial for preventing the disease from becoming something major and serious.

    The following ten signs should be taken seriously and the person must visit an urologist at the earliest if he has –

    1. Erectile Dysfunction

    It is the condition in which the man is unable to hold or achieve his erection. Apart from affecting your sexual performance, it could be an indication of vascular disease, high blood pressure or renal problems. It calls for urgent treatment

    1. Blood in your Urine

    It calls for immediate action of visiting the doctors as it could be an indication of bladder or kidney cancer. Don’t take it lightly if you experience this symptom, even if it is in slight measures. It is an indication of something abnormal.

    1. Testicular Pain, Lump or Masses:

    Pain in your testicles is something which does not indicate wellbeing. Persistent pain could be a signal of testicular cancer. However, if you catch it early, you will surely be cured.

    1. Abnormal Prostate Exam

    If you are over 40, you should go in for a regular annual check-up. You will be able to detect any abnormality in the prostate if you are regular with it. You may see an urologist if you see any irregularities, presence of nodules and firmness.

    1. Difficulty in urination

    The condition is not life-threatening but it could lead to many other problems. It could be an indication of the enlargement of the prostate. Medication at the right time might save you a lot of trouble later on.

    1. Painful urination:

    It could be an indication of an infection in your urinary tract. The urologist, of course, is the best person to treat it.

    1. Frequent urination:

    If you feel like peeing now and then, visit a urologist to manage it successfully.

    1. Change in Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) level:

    The PSA test is used to determine the onset of prostate cancer. Normal men have a low level of PSA in their blood, if it is elevated, then it means that there is something wrong.

    1. Kidney Abnormality:

    If you have an abnormal abdominal X-ray, then it could mean some underlying complications, so see a   urologist if it is so.

    1. Male Infertility: 

    If you experience male infertility and decreased sexual desire, it may indicate testicular cancer; therefore, you should be checked by a urologist as quickly as possible.

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