18 साल बाद हुई संतान प्राप्ति आई वी एफ से

18 साल बाद हुई संतान प्राप्ति आई वी एफ से

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    Ever wondered what it feels like to get pregnant after 18 years of marriage? Well, something miraculous happened to a Dev and Savita, a couple, after they had lost all hope of becoming parents. It all was made possible by the technique of IVF. If you know someone or you are in the same situation, then we suggest that you go through the post. Many people are aware of IVF but don’t know if it is an apt treatment for them. It won’t take much to know the ins and outs of IVF and then you can decide whether you will be able to achieve your dreams at the IVF centre.

    FAQ About IVF

    What is IVF?

    IVF is a process in which the eggs are fertilized outside the woman’s body. The fertilization is carried out in a lab under controlled conditions and strict observation. The resultant embryo is then transferred into the woman’s uterus with hopes that it will implant successfully.

    What constitutes IVF?

    IVF is not just a physical process. It can be emotionally, physically and psychologically taxing as you may have to undergo multiple cycles. The first step of IVF entails giving prescriptions to the woman for stimulating her ovaries to bring about the maturity of multiple eggs in one menstrual cycle. These injections are given daily for 8-12 days, and the patient is required to report regularly for the session. It helps in monitoring the development of the follicles in her ovaries. Once the eggs mature, a shot for releasing the eggs is given to the woman. The egg retrieval process is carried out within 36 hours after the trigger, which takes around 15-minutes. The partner delivers the semen sample around the same time to the doctors, which is ‘washed’ to segregate the sperm from the semen. ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) may be used to inject an individual sperm into an individual egg. After observing the stability of the embryos, the most favorable one is chosen and implanted into the uterus of the woman. If the implantation succeeds, then the woman is referred to the gynecologist. If there is a failure, then the couple can wait to undergo another cycle.

    How effective is IVF?

    IVF may not work in the first attempt for many couples but it does provide higher success rates than other ART. Couples who don’t succeed with IVF can opt for gestational surrogacy or donation of the egg, sperm or embryos.

    How safe is IVF?

    As compared to other procedures, IVF has fewer risks and side effects. With time, the technique has seen a decrease in risks, and an increase in success rates.

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