3 Tips On Healthy Lifestyle Strategies To Control And Manage PCOS

3 Tips On Healthy Lifestyle Strategies To Control And Manage PCOS

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    Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine disorder that impacts many women and teenage girls. The symptoms of PCOS may vary from patient to patient, making diagnosing PCOS harder.

    The main symptom of PCOS is weight gaining; many women suffer from this, but not all. There are also women who may experience acne, facial hair growth, and irregular menstrual cycle because of increased testosterone levels. Another common side effect of PCOS includes insulin resistance.

    It is a hormone that allows the cells to produce energy with the help of glucose (sugar). When the body notices a reduction in insulin, then the cell generally loses its ability to work typically with insulin. PCOS also creates difficulty in conceiving a child.

    If you are dealing with PCOS, do not worry; we have a perfect PCOS treatment in Punjab. You can also tweak your lifestyle in order to manage your symptoms and support your health for a long period of time.

    In this blog, we will discuss some vital changes in your lifestyle for better health and the prevention of PCOS.

    Lifestyle Changes To Treat And Control PCOS

    • Tip #1: Do not go for a crazy PCOS diet

    You will get an abundance of unsolicited information and “Gyan” about the ways to treat PCOS. They might promise techniques to reduce the symptoms of PCOS in easy, fast, and effortless ways. But remember, any fast, easy, and appealing recommendation might be anything but that.

    • Tip #2: Try to select low glycemic index food

    Do not worry; we still believe you should not go for a quick PCOS diet, and no, glycemic index food is not one. Glycemic Food (GI) is a system that helps measure the carbohydrate in the food, increasing the blood sugar and insulin level. This system is beneficial for those women who experience extreme insulin resistance.

    The system for glycemic index food is on a scale of 1 to 100. Food with a low glycemic index (less than 55) leads to a slower rise in blood levels. Ap[art from that, consuming low glycemic food can also end in less insulin secretion.

    • Tip #3: Always try to stay fit and active

    Another change that you need to make in your life is to stay physically active every day. It helps not only in controlling PCOS symptoms but also in managing them. According to many studies, exercise can also help in reducing insulin resistance. Consult your doctor, and make the plan based on your requirements.

    However, in case PCOS is hindering you from becoming pregnant, then you would have to opt for IVF treatment in Punjab along with changes in lifestyle.

    You should definitely include both strength and cardiovascular training in your daily workout regime. There is some research that states that shooter and more intense exercise might be the best option for you to manage PCOS.

    If you are just beginning your fitness journey, you can start slow with 30 minutes of moderate activity at least four times a week.


    Contact Gomti Thapar Hospital for more details on IVF and PCOS treatment.

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