5 Best Foods for People With Kidney Problem

5 Best Foods for People With Kidney Problem

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    A person suffering from kidney ailment is likely to face many problems. Kidneys are bean-shaped structures which perform the process of filtration of body waste and releasing hormones. It plays a significant role in the regulation of blood pressure. It also performs various other important tasks such as maintaining the fluid balance and production of urine. However, they may become damaged due to various factors such as obesity, genetics, smoking, and aging. Kidneys can stop functioning efficiently if the blood sugar and blood pressure levels are not controlled properly. Dysfunctional kidneys can lead to the collection of toxins in the blood. We intend to prevent you from visiting an urologist by following a special diet which goes easy on the kidneys. Any carelessness on this part might leave the option of kidney stone removal surgery only at the end. Listed below are 5 foods that will benefit your kidneys if you are suffering from kidney disease. An ideal diet for a kidney patient is one that is low in sodium, potassium and phosphorous.

    1. Cauliflower

    It is a storehouse of many nutrients such as vitamin K, vitamin B  and vitamin C. Its fiber-rich content makes it a favorable choice for kidney patients.

    It is low in sodium which makes it kidney-friendly.

    1. Blueberries

    These dark-colored berries are rich in antioxidants. These are well known for their preventive qualities against cardiac problems, cancer, and diabetes. Their low sodium and potassium content makes them an ideal food for kidney patients.

    1. Red Grapes

    The delicious juicy fruit is not only a treat for the tongue but it is also a blessing for the people suffering from kidney problems. Their high vitamin C content and flavonoid rich property makes them anti-inflammatory. They contain resveratrol, a flavonoid which protects us against cardiac problems and cognitive decline.

    1. Egg Whites

    Egg yolks are highly nutritious but they are not suitable for people with renal problems as they contain a high amount of phosphorous. But egg whites make for a kidney-friendly food. In fact, it is recommended for people who undergo dialysis on a regular basis. This is due to the fact that they contain a high amount of protein with a low amount of phosphorous.

    1. Garlic

    Garlic can be used to provide the flavor to a dish which is low in sodium. People with kidney problems are advised to go low on sodium. The manganese-rich food has got a good amount of vitamin C and vitamin B6 as well. The sulfur-rich content makes it an ideal anti-inflammatory food.

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