5 Cases When You Should See A Urologist Right Away

5 Cases When You Should See A Urologist Right Away

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    A urologist is a doctor who has specialization in the treatment of urological problems.

    A urologist is a physician who treats patients with urological problems and male reproductive diseases. In addition, patient visit urologists only when they experience bladder, kidney, urethra, and some other urological problems.

    Moreover, these problems are so common in people these days due to many factors. In order to treat your urological problems, you need to visit the urologist in Moga. Since we have a team of experienced and skilled doctors, so there is no need to worry about medications and medical procedure. But you need to know exactly when you need to visit the doctor. Here in this guide, we are going to guide you about some problems which need treatment from the best urologist.

    Blood in Urine

    This is not a common problem, this only happens those persons who have a stone in their kidney or who are suffering from urinary problems. This does not occur only due to kidney problems, you may also experience blood in the urine or yellowish blood because of injury or bladder infection. If you notice blood in your urine, then you must immediately visit the doctor. Otherwise, this condition can lead you to prostate cancer or bigger kidney stones. So, in order to reduce the risk of these problems you need to visit the doctor immediately.

    Painful Urination

    If we talk about men, then this condition happens due to an enlarged prostate, in which you may also experience frequent urge to urinate. Moreover, except these conditions you can also experience abnormalities in the prostate-specific antigen. Which is a serious condition, and you need to go through treatment as soon as possible.

    Whereas in ladies, this condition happens due to kidney stones and bladder infection. Which can only be treated with the help of medical procedures or medications.

    Frequent Urination

    People usually experience frequent urination condition due to poor bladder condition. If you experience painful urination along with this condition then you are suffering from UTI. In this case, you should go to a doctor for treatment.

    Erectile Dysfunction

    This is the type of sexual problem in both genders, which can only be treated by urologists. You may experience this condition due to stones in bladder and yeast infection.

    Pain in the Pelvic Area or Lower Abdomen

    This is the main symptom of kidney stones. This is not only the condition of males but women can also experience this condition. And if you cannot treat this condition on time then, it will surely lead to kidney damage and infection.

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