7 Causes of Infertility That you Should Know

7 Causes of Infertility That you Should Know

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    Infertility is experienced by many people these days, due to some factors. If you do not know the reasons behind infertility, then must read this article carefully, because we are going to tell you about the causes of infertility. Also tell you what to do in this condition, and which treatment option is right for you.

    Everyone loves children and want to spend precious time with them. Well, not everyone is lucky to have his own kids, this only happens due to infertility. You may feel embarrassed when you see your friend’s or siblings baby. Since you are suffering from infertility condition, this is explained as the inability to have own baby even after many attempts. This condition is common in both sexes, that has occurred because of many factors.

    In this case, you need to go with infertility treatment such as IVF, that is specially designed for infertile couples. You must visit the IVF centre so that you can get a proper check-up from an IVF doctor. In this way, you will be able to know and understand the reason behind infertility.

    Well, there are several other causes of infertility in both sexes, that you should know.

    Causes of infertility

    Old age

    People of old age are at greater risk of infertility, because of certain health conditions. You may not know that women are born with a limited number of eggs and they release them every month during the ovulation period. In addition to this, after their 40s, the number of eggs is decreased and they are also unable to produce healthy egg as well. This is also the same in men because they are unable to produce healthy sperm after the 40s.

    Cancer treatment

    These days, many people are suffering from cancer problem. This cancer problem or cancer treatment such as Chemotherapy, both are responsible for infertility in both sexes. Chemotherapy not only kills the cancer growth cells but also kills the healthy cells that are beneficial for egg and sperm production.

    Blocked fallopian tubes in women

    Fallopian tubes are valuable to pass sperm cells to the ovaries, in order to meet an egg. But if you are suffering from a blockage of fallopian tubes, you will surely experience infertility.


    Diabetes are certain other health conditions such as autoimmune diseases, lupus, and celiac disease also leads to infertility in both sexes.


    Smoking and other illegal drugs lead to many health conditions that are directly associated with infertility.

    Low sperm count

    If males are suffering from low sperm count or poor sperm motility, then they will be unable to enjoy fatherhood.


    Being overweight is also a reason behind infertility in both genders. You must maintain a healthy weight to conceive a healthy baby on time.

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