7 Tips to Increase Male Fertility

7 Tips to Increase Male Fertility

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    Becoming a father is one of the most special moments in man’s life. However, some patients might not experience this happiness without opting for ART techniques like IVF. According to an IVF doctor, many cases of male infertility are treated at various centres across the country. If you are suffering from male infertility, it is best to approach an IVF centre. Besides that you will have to take care of many other factors like –

    1. Maintain a healthy weight 

    Being overweight or underweight can directly influence your fertility. Besides having a detrimental effect on the man’s sperm, an unhealthy weight is also bad news for your sex life. Overweight people are often found to be suffering from low libido and poor performance. To counter this problem, the person needs to eat nutritious food and steer clear of junk food.

    1. Take Folate

    Folic acid is essential for pregnant women but is just as essential for men too. Why? Because men with low folic acid content in their diet are prone to having an abnormal chromosome in their sperm. The sperm with such an anomaly might result in an embryo with congenital abnormalities and vulnerability to miscarriage. Taking foods rich in folic acid-like leafy green vegetables, beans, citrus fruits, whole grains, and bread is highly recommended. A man needs 400mg folic acid daily.

    1. Sleep Issues

    Getting enough sleep is not only crucial for our general health but our fertility also. An early bedtime routine helps in improving the sperm quality of the person. Getting at least 7 and a half or 8 hours of sleep is recommended.

    1. Take a fertility supplement

    Men must include prenatal vitamin supplements 6 months before conception so that the baby is healthy. The supplements must include B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, along with minerals like Zinc, and Selenium.

    1. Give up Smoking

    Smoking leads to low sperm count. It calls for the need to quit smoking three months before trying to conceive. Drugs like marijuana and cocaine are also a big no-no as it can cause a miscarriage in the female partner.

    1. Limit Alcohol 

    Limiting alcohol intake is also desirable. Besides giving you sperm abnormalities, alcoholic men often fail to perform well sexually.

    1. Opt for a Pre-Conception Check-up

    It’s a good idea to visit the doctor for a Pre-Conception Check-up. The doctor will evaluate the chances of having a healthy baby according to your medical history, lifestyle, BMI and medication. He is also given immunization for dangerous diseases like chickenpox and flu so that he doesn’t catch them and pass them to his female partner.

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