A fertility treatment Guide to – Drug therapies, IUI, IVF, GIFT and ZIFT

A fertility treatment Guide to – Drug therapies, IUI, IVF, GIFT and ZIFT

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    Most of us do not know in-depth about the variegated fertility procedures, but if you are the one who is looking forward to taking any of them then it is quintessential on your part to take into account all the procedures of infertility treatment. According to a gynaecologist in Punjab, based on the cause of infertility it is decided which method will be suitable for restoring fertility in the couples. For this reason, an IVF Centre in Punjab does not only use the In-vitro-fertilisation in the account, but they also aim at revitalising the reproductive system with variegated techniques such as IUI and GIFT, ZIFT.

    Following are the preponderant techniques that are used to revitalise the reproductive system:

    • Drug therapies

    Drug therapies are particularly used when the structure and functioning of the reproductive system are normal but it is not getting enough to help you with the natural conception. In those situations, drug therapies are specifically useful which are used to trigger hormones for stimulating the ovulation cycle.

    • IntraUterine Insemination

    Intrauterine Insemination is particularly taken into account when male infertility is becoming the reason for impotence in conception. This treatment is specifically beneficial if the sperm count of the male is low and that is not enough to fertilise the egg. So a single sperm is chosen to fertilise the egg.

    This procedure can be carried out with the two stratagems. One stratagem aims to fertilise the egg in the uterus which does not include the extraction of the eggs separately and then implanting them after they are fertilized. The other stratagems involve the extraction of eggs and after being fertilised with the sperms, they are implanted.

    For the last decade, this procedure is being relied on by the:

    • The couples in which the female partner is experiencing extreme pain during the intercourse
    • The lesbian couples who want to conceive with the help of the donor sperm
    • Surgical fertility treatments

    Surgical fertility treatments are used whenever owing to any obstruction in the organs of the reproductive system, the couples are not able to conceive.

    • Cysts Removal

    Once in a while, the ovaries of the females may develop cysts – a kind of hardened fluid deposited in the ovaries which are preventing the egg and the sperm from meeting each other. To rehabilitate the patient, it is often needed to surgically eliminate the cysts from the ovaries

    • Endometriosis

    Endometriosis is a problem in which the tissues of the ovaries start growing on the exterior of the ovaries which is not at all a healthy indication and which makes the couple get impotent. Then with the help of the laparoscopic technique, an effort is induced to eliminate the aggravate tissues.

    • IVF

    IVF is a procedure in which the extracted eggs and the sperms are fertilised manually which results in the formation of embryos which after thorough supervision are implanted in the uterus for natural growth.

    • GIFT

    GIFT is an acronym for Gamete Intra Fallopian transfer in which the sperms and eggs are aimed at fertilization within the fallopian tubes.

    • ZIFT

    ZIFT is an abbreviation of Zygote Intrafallopian transfer. This procedure is carried out by using laparoscopic surgery to place the zygote in one of the fallopian tubes.

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