Aching Bladder: A Sign of IC or UTI?

Aching Bladder: A Sign of IC or UTI?

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    Aching bladder is the worse condition of your urethra and bladder, which can lead to severe pain and swelling as well.

    Millions of women are suffering from bladder problems these days. These type of problems can cause severe pain and irritation in your lower abdomen while urinating. But these conditions do not reveal whether you have UTI or IC. In order to understand both these conditions, you need to visit the best urologist so that he can guide you properly.

    Let’s have a look at both these terms.

    What is UTI?

    UTI is explained as Urinary Tract Infection, which usually affects your urethra and bladder as well. It is occurred due to infection or bacteria when it gets into the urethra. The urethra is the type of tube which is necessary to carry urine from the bladder to the outside of your body structure. Moreover, the main symptoms of this type of infection are redness, irritation, and swelling as well. These are not only signed of UTI infection, but there are some other symptoms which are explained below-:

    • You may experience a burning sensation when urinating.
    • Lower back and abdominal severe pain. And you may also experience the discomfort and pressure in the lower pelvic area.
    • Patients with UTI infection also suffer from fever.
    • Or you may notice blood in the urine.

    What is IC?

    IC stands for Interstitial Cystitis, which is actually painful bladder syndrome. This is another type of pelvic health condition, due to which you can experience severe inflammation, pain, and pressure in your pelvic area. In addition to this, millions of women are suffering from this IC condition which also affects the bladder lining as well.

    Here are the symptoms of IC, which can be the same as UTI signs.

    • You may need to urinate urgently, even if your bladder is not full.
    • You will surely experience severe pain and inflammation in your pelvic region.

    These both the conditions may lead you to bladder cancer, which can only be treated by Urologist is Moga with the help of bladder cancer treatment.

    Diagnosis and treatment of UTI and IC

    In order to treat your urinary tract infections, you need to visit the doctor so that he can examine your condition. You may need to go through some type of tests such as CT scan, Ultrasound, and cystoscopy.

    Moreover, if your doctor finds any problem then he may prescribe you oral medications such as antibiotics and some other medicines. You can also treat your condition with lifestyle and dietary changes as well.

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