Adhesions can Also Cause Female Infertility

Adhesions can Also Cause Female Infertility

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    We know that infertility could be due to many reasons. Adhesions are one of them. Adhesions refer to the joining together of organs (which otherwise are not joined) through scar tissue. The reason for adhesions could range from infections to previous surgeries or any disease in the past. In case you are suffering from adhesions, you can get yourself treated by an IVF doctor. The Gomti Thapar IVF centre provides infertility treatment caused due to various reasons.

    • Adhesions can cause infertility by interfering with the ovulation process.
    • It could also prevent the egg and the sperm from meeting each other.
    • It also makes the uterus hostile to the fertilized embryo.
    • Fallopian tubes may be caused due to this condition
    • Adhesions may be caused due to conditions like endometriosis and PID (pelvic inflammatory disease)
    • In case the adhesions form inside the uterus, it can lead to Asherman’s syndrome, which may lead to failure to conceive or result in miscarriage.
    • The woman may also experience pain during sexual interaction and cramping during menstruation. It may also affect the intensity of the menstrual bleeding to  more or less than the normal.
    • Sometimes the symptoms may be completely absent.

    Causes of adhesions

    The adhesions are caused when the natural healing process of the body doesn’t function efficiently. The surfaces of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and abdominal cavity are slippery on the surface. When an injury occurs, then the surface tends to become sticky. The injury may be due to an infection or past surgery. The sticky surface of the organs causes the organs to stick together and hold the organs in an unnatural position. There are many cases where the scar tissue creates a web-like attachment between the organs. They may also cause unnatural pulling between the organs resulting in pain during sexual intercourse and menstruation.

    Fertility Treatment 

    The treatment will depend on the location of the adhesions. In case adhesions are within the fallopian tubes, they will have to be repaired by a surgical procedure. IVF treatment may be more economical than the surgical procedure of adhesion removal.

    If the reason for infertility is Asherman’s syndrome, then the option of removal of adhesions through operative hysteroscopy may be carried out. Thereafter you can wait for natural conception. If that doesn’t happen, you might need further fertility treatment.

    If there are pelvic adhesions or endometriosis, then the removal of adhesions may help in reducing pain and increasing the chances of pregnancy. Many women may still need IVF after it to conceive.

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