Advantages of IVF

Advantages of IVF

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    IVF is considered as the most common treatment option of ART which has helped many people to conceive. The biggest advantage of this method is that the infertile couple can conceive which was not possible naturally. In this guide, we are going to tell you about the different benefits of In-Vitro-fertilization.

    In the world of Infertility, IVF is considered as the last stop to treat infertility. But, many people do not realize that this can be the most successful first option for a couple diagnosed with infertility. To make people aware of its benefits our IVF doctor has shared some of them for your understanding.

    Low Ovarian Reserve

    Undergoing this treatment maximizes the chance of older women and those who have a low ovarian reserve. In this treatment, the focus is given on quality instead of quantity.

    Male Infertility

    The infertility problem is not only with women. In some cases, the male partner is diagnosed with infertility. In this case, In-Vitro treatment is combined with ICSI. When you visit the IVF centre your fertility doctor will let you know what type of treatment plan will suit you.

    Blocked Fallopian tube

    Women who are diagnosed with the blocked fallopian tube can undergo this treatment as it improves the success chances greatly.


    In some cases, the womb lining starts growing outside the uterus which creates difficulty to conceive naturally. But, with this treatment, conception chances can improve.

    Unexplained Infertility

    1 out of 6 couples is suffering the fertility issue and sometimes the reason is not known. In that case, the treatment is very helpful.

    Premature Ovarian Failure

    In some cases, the women face premature ovarian failure and this treatment along with donor eggs can increase the success rate.


    PCOS is a very common condition that occurs due to hormonal imbalance and also affects the menstrual cycle. This treatment has proved very helpful for PCOS patients.

    Help in Diagnosing fertilization issue

    In some cases, there is a fertilization issue specifically with unexplained infertility. Until fertilization is not done in the laboratory the problem might not be known. So, it is important to identify the problem so that if needed ICSI can be used along with it.

    Not used embryos can be donated

    In some cases, the embryos are left which can be donated to other couples so that they can conceive. Moreover, if the biological parent allows the embryos can be donated for the research purpose.

    Safest treatment form

    The first successful results came in 1978 and till now this treatment has helped many couples to conceive successfully. There is no doubt, the treatment has advanced a lot and it is a very safe option.

    Now you know how this treatment is helpful in different ways. In case you are facing trouble conceiving then schedule your appointment with the fertility doctor to get a reliable treatment plan.

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