All about the pain relief oocyte retrieval procedure with ART treatment

All about the pain relief oocyte retrieval procedure with ART treatment

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    One of the most important parts of the IVF treatment is oocyte (egg) retrieval. When you schedule your consultation at the best IVF centre in Punjab, you will be given detailed information about the same. Before and during the treatment if you have any doubt, then during your visit to the fertility clinic in Moga, make sure to get precise information about everything. Well! Here we are going to discuss the oocyte retrieval procedure and how it can be pain relief. The given content is based on one of the studies done on oocyte retrieval.

    Importance of oocyte retrieval

    The egg retrieval procedure is like the beginning of the treatment which is performed in the clinical setup. During this technique, good quality eggs are collected from the ovaries which will increase the chances of fertilization when kept with the sperm in a controlled environment.

    The sedation used for the egg retrieval

    Proper sedation is used for the egg retrieval treatment which allows you to be relaxing. It works as a pain relief method for women, and during the process, the quality eggs are retrieved from the ovaries which is a part of the IVF procedure to boost your conception chances. In a controlled environment, the fertilization method is done. The study has been done as there are some concerns regarding the sedation that it might leave a bad impact on the pregnancy rate.

    Key results of the study

    The evidence does not support one situation or technique in showing the effective results of the sedation used for pain relief be it during and after egg retrieval. Moreover, it has been seen that when sedation is used along with other methods like:

    • Acupuncture
    • Paracervical block

    With these 2 the results seen in pain relief were better than earlier. The use of one method might not just show that effectiveness when combined with other methods. Withal, the patient satisfaction rate was way higher as compared to earlier. It is even better to discuss the woman’s preferences and what resources she wants to incorporate in her treatment for pain relief methods.

    Evidence quality

    Well, the study was done on the patients at a low rate, which resulted in checking the small sample sizes & low event rates. Moreover, every woman’s pain coping tolerance is not the same. This is the reason getting those precise results might be difficult.

    Technological advancement changing the way treatment is done

    Keeping all that aside, one thing that is for sure is that the advancement in technology is changing the way treatment is done. It is right to say that the treatment is helping infertile couples to boost their conception chances. In many cases, even one IVF cycle helps the couple to get pregnant. Moreover, the treatment plan and the way it is done has gotten better than before which is the major reason for its increasing success rate and safety with every step.

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    If you are worried about the pain, then you should consult the doctor and get the treatment done in the best manner.

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