Are birth control pills responsible for infertility in long run?

Are birth control pills responsible for infertility in long run?

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    Infertility is caused due to several factors, in which over-consumption of too many birth control pills also responsible. This will make you unable to conceive a baby naturally, and then you need to undergo fertility treatment. There are several types of infertility treatments available, but only IVF can give you desired results.

    Women who do not want to conceive a baby in the starting years, they rely on birth control pills. This will help them to conceive a little later when they are ready to completely take care of their child. However, if you consume too much birth control pills or for a long time continuously, then it leads you to fertility issues. But it is rare, not a common condition. Then these issues result in Infertility condition, which means you are unable to conceive a baby naturally.

    In this condition, you need to visit the IVF doctor to know and understand this condition. According to your condition, he may recommend you to undergo IVF treatment, which is specially designed for infertile couples and performed in IVF centre

    Is birth control pills lead to fertility issues?

    An investigation is done on several ladies, who are taking birth control pills reveals that these do not lead to fertility issues. There are several other causes of fertility issues in women such as hormonal problems, blocked fallopian tubes, PCOS, Endometriosis, and cancer or certain other medical conditions as well. Well, there is no such relation between birth control pills and infertility in women. So, you do not take tension, if you are planning to conceive a little later.

    Birth Control Benefits

    You may not know that Birth control pills are valuable to secure your fertility in many ways. In addition to this, these pills are a combination of estrogen and progestin. These pills have several benefits such as-:

    • These pills and hormones are valuable to maintain the good health of ovaries so that you can produce healthy eggs when you try to conceive a baby.
    • When you are taking these pills, your body does not experience any type of hormonal changes. These pills are helpful to regulate the amount of both hormones in your body. These hormones are valuable in pregnancy and a good amount of these hormones make you able to conceive a baby without any problems.
    • Well, this benefit is not deniable, that these birth control pills are helpful to treat certain health conditions, which makes you unable to get pregnant and leads you to missing or irregular periods problem. These are-:
    1. Polycystic ovary syndrome.
    2. Endometriosis.

    To take these pills, you must discuss with your doctor first only after discussion, you must go with these pills.

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