Are Eating Disorders also responsible for Fertility issues?

Are Eating Disorders also responsible for Fertility issues?

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    When a couple is trying to conceive they need to take proper care of them from what they do to what they eat. It is seen that eating disorders can result in fertility issues. But, how? This guide will give you a thorough understanding of how eating disorders are the reason for the fertility issue.


    Eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia can affect the women ability to conceive. Studies have shown that women with these disorders can have fertility concerns. Well, not just women but men also experience the problem of reduced fertility.

    In such cases, the treatment of IVF is the best choice for the couple to conceive as it improves the chances of conception. Our IVF doctor has explained in detail how eating disorders affect fertility.

    Types of Eating Disorders


    Anorexia is the condition in which the person did not eat normally and restrict themselves to lose weight. In some cases, the person restricts themselves to a low-calorie diet or they prefer to binge eat.


    Bulimia is the disorder in which the person prefers to binge eat. In such cases, the person can be underweight or slightly overweight.

    If you are trying to conceive and facing problems then visit our IVF centre to clear all your doubts.

    How Does Eating Disorder Affect the Reproductive system?

    Different eating disorders can come with physical and mental health issues. Moreover, if you have more than one eating disorder then it can prove very deadly.

    What about body fat and hormones?

    Hormonal balance requires healthy fat stores in the body. In case, the body fat is very less then the hormones will not be produced in the right manner. This means the production of estrogen will be low which affects the functioning of the reproductive system. The same goes for the men, if the testosterone level is very low then the sperm production and erectile function will be impacted.

    Menstruation and ovulation

    One of the main signs of ED is that the menstruation cycle is not proper, but this might not be possible with every case. When the periods are irregular, the ovulation cycle may be affected.

    How pregnancy and childbirth are affected by pregnancy?

    ED can affect childbirth and pregnancy. One of the studies has shown that with eating disorders the health of the growing baby is at risk and if in the past women have faced the problem of eating disorder then her mental health can be impacted.

    Health risk for baby & mom

    • Risk of miscarriage
    • Risk of preterm delivery
    • Depression
    • Heart problem
    • Malnutrition

    Get the best treatment

    For your baby health and smooth pregnancy, you should talk to the doctor on how to cope up with the stress and eating disorder. Our fertility doctor will help you get the timely treatment you need to improve conception chances.

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