Sexual Trauma And How It Impacts The Survivors Mentally And Physically

Sexual Trauma And How It Impacts The Survivors Mentally And Physically

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    Trigger warning: this article shares a sensitive topic that is based on sexual trauma and sexual violence. This is a trigger warning for those who are impacted by it.

    Going through a trauma that not only impacts you physically but mentally and emotionally too, is way harder than one could imagine. There are drastic changes in the way you hold your relationship with others. It is very natural to be preoccupied with thoughts of what had happened to you most of the time.

    The mental stigma that is related to this topic is often not considered. Many factors impact the life of the survivors. As said it changes the way they perceive a relationship, specialty the intimate one. Sometimes it does get difficult for them to get close to anyone.

    Sexual Trauma And Its Impact On Conceiving A Child.

    People who have gone through sexual trauma may find it difficult to get pregnant and this may vary on an individual life experience.

    Some women do not want to get pregnant in a conventional way because of their history but wanted to have their child, they may opt for a sperm donor in the Best IVF centre. The advancement in the medical field has made it so much safer for those survivors to have a better option for them.

    Apart from that, the survivors may sometimes also go through internalized oppression which may cause them to think they will not be worthy parents. In this case, their close ones need to take them to counsel.

    Discomfort With A Physical Relationship

    It is not a subject that a person could overcome within a day, years of counselling and understanding is required for them to leave behind those memories.

    For people who want to get pregnant but the fear or discomfort around sex may make the process more challenging. The anxieties around sex can not be eradicated easily which is why there are other options that they could try if they wanted to get pregnant and start a new phase in their life. Visit the Best IVF Centre in Moga and get to know all about your option. With the help of IVF, you get to conceive a child without viewing sex as an obligation.

    Some Other Impacts On Survivors Because Of Sexual Trauma.

    We often do not consider the mental and emotional trauma that a survivor goes through. Sexual violence is often looked at as a physical violation of the body. However, the impact it has on the mental and emotional levels must not be sidelined. These are some of the impacts the survivors face:

    • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
    • Depression
    • Flashbacks
    • Panic Attacks
    • Sleep Disorder
    • Disassociation
    • Issues With Substance Use
    • Eating Disorder

    Support Is Available

    You are not alone, there are many supports that you may need is available. Talk about your history of trauma with a therapist and overcome the fear. You can also visit Gomti Thapar Hospital if you are finding it hard to conceive a child naturally because of your trauma

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