Best Macros for PCOS Condition

Best Macros for PCOS Condition

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    PCOS is a problem that occurs because of the hormonal problem. But, women often wonder what kind of diet they should consume. Well, in most cases it is recommended that women should consume macros. Read the given topic, to understand the best macros for PCOS condition.

    What are Macros?

    Macros are the short-form for macronutrients. These are the compounds that we consume as they give the energy which we need during the day. The compounds include proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

    PCOS doctor suggests that macro breakdown for women will be 40% fat, 35% protein, and 25% carbs. Your doctor will let you know when you get the PCOS treatment that what will be the right kind of macro breakdown for you.


    • Every single cell wall in the body has fats and they play an important role in sex hormones formation. The earlier low-fat diet was in craze but it leads to weight gain as fats do not result in this issue.
    • Fats contain more calories per gram than either proteins or fats. So, consuming a diet with high-fat will lead to an increase in calories. This means the total calories we consume is essential. To lose weight due to PCOS more calories need to be burned then we eat.


    • The main source of energy is carbohydrates and they break down into a simple form which is glucose. These are used for energy production by all the tissues and organs. So, you must consume carbs in ‘Right Amount’ to stay focused and feel energized.
    • Also not all carbs are equal. If you compare salad and pizza then both are different. No doubt, both have carbs but the nutritional benefit is very different in both cases.
    • Make sure that you seek the help of the doctor as they will let you know how much you should consume.


    Protein is essential for growth, they produce new tissues, maintain body functions, and repair & regulate tissues.

    How much protein do you need?

    • You might be wondering about the total protein amount you need. According to body weight, it should be 1.4kg. This means 68kg women need protein in a day around 95 grams.
    • In case you are into strength training then protein intake should be more for muscle tissue repair and building.

    Macros are the best option for women with PCOS

    The macros help in managing the symptoms which include:

    • Regulate the menstrual cycle
    • Hormonal levels are balanced
    • Helps in fat loss and weight loss
    • Manage the hair loss and hair growth.

    How to include in your diet plan?

    • Protein dense foods: 1 palm (each meal lean meat, poultry, and fish)
    • Vegetables: 1 fist (each meal)
    • Carb dense foods: 0.5 cupped handfuls (each meal)
    • Fat dense foods: 2 thumbs (each meal)

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