Best Tips to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy in Pandemic

Best Tips to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy in Pandemic

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    The Pandemic situation which the world is facing has led to stress and anxiety. It has affected everyone’s life greatly and boredom level has increased. At this time, it is essential to practice social distancing. For the women who are pregnant at this time, they need to stay healthy. Read the guide to learn healthy tips.

    How does a pregnant mother stay healthy during COVID-19?

    • Do not miss the prenatal appointment

    Your gynae is aware of your current condition and what all the risk factors are. You need to follow the doctor’s recommendation, to make sure you stay healthy. The doctor can take care of every small thing and let you know if you need anything through video chat or phone.

    • Keep the medical records accessible

    You need to make sure that all your medical records are easily accessible. Keep them in a folder so that in case of urgency you can have a check on them or tell the doctor hat they need to know.

    • Keep track of health through technology

    You should talk to the doctor about what kind of app you can use in your daily life to keep track of your health. With the app, it becomes easy to note down the weight changes, blood pressure, and gestational diabetes. During the appointment, you can tell all this information to your doctor.

    For the patients, who have got pregnant through IVF, need to follow the same pattern so that their pregnancy goes smoothly.

    General tips to stay healthy

    • Understand the COVID-19 symptoms and make sure you avoid getting the flu or even common cold. Make sure you do not get a fever.
    • Practice social distancing. Pregnant women need to avoid places that have more than 10 people or any type of social gathering.
    • Make sure to wash the hands properly and prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.
    • Viruses spread from one person to another. It is important to stand at a 6-foot distance. If you want to sneeze or cough then cover the nose and mouth with an elbow or a tissue paper. Make sure to dispose of the tissue paper right away.
    • You should keep your surroundings clean. Disinfecting the surface which is used daily is essential.
    • You should start following an exercise regime as this will improve the sleep pattern and generate more energy. Download an app, to do online yoga, dance, or meditate to get relief from the stress.
    • Prepare a birthing plan. Talk to your medical team on how to manage the labor pain and what other things need to be kept in mind to have a safe pregnancy.
    • Watch uplifting videos and listen to relaxing music to take away all your stress.
    • Stay in touch with your family and friends through video chat. This will help you take away the stress.

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