Best Treatments to Get Rid of Urinary Stone

Best Treatments to Get Rid of Urinary Stone

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    Many people face the problem of urinary stone. The stones which are small pass easily but the ones which are large can create a problem and they need to be removed by treatment. But, which is the best treatment option then you should read the given topic.

    Urine helps in excretion of the waste products from the body. Well, it has various minerals and salts, for good health, it is very important to have constant urination. In case, the concentration of the minerals gets in excess they start binding together which can form a urinary stone.

    What is the method to check the stone presence?

    The urinary stone can result in certain symptoms like fever with chills, frequent urination, bloody urine, abdominal pain on one side with nausea. The symptoms might be different from person to person because the stone size, number, and location will vary.

    Diagnosing the Urine stone

    According to the symptoms you are experiencing the urologist will diagnose the problem. There will routine urine test, X-ray KUB which include kidney, ureters, & bladder, and Ultrasonography Abdominal scan. One it is known the urine stone is present, the doctor will do a further investigation like Intravenous Urogram, and CT KUB.

    What are the treatment options available for urinary stone?

    In most cases, the problem is solved with medications. Depending on the stone location further process of treatment will be given. There are various types of stone like Ureteric, Renal, and bladder.

    • Ureteric stones: This type of stone is treated with URS AND Lithotripsy, ESWL, and Open ureterolithotomy.
    • Renal stones: They are being treated with PCNL, ESWL, RIRS, and Open pyelolithotomy
    • Bladder stones: They are treated with Cystolithotripsy and Open cystolithotomy.

    How the stones are removed?

    Laparoscopic stone removal

    This procedure is best for the large and complicated stone as they need open surgery. In this method, small incisions are made in the abdomen so that internal surgery can be done. Consult the doctor as they will let you know which procedure will be helpful for the urinary stone removal.

    Open Procedure

    This is a traditional procedure which is only done for the atypical kidney.

    ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy)

    This is external surgery in which focus is on renal stone and shock waves are produced along with there is the use of X-ray. This treatment option is for treating the stone in the upper ureters and kidney. In this procedure, there is no need for anesthesia.

    RIRS (Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery)

    This method is the latest innovation to treat the problem of renal stone which is less than 3 cms. Through the urinary passage, the ureteroscope is passed to the kidney and it is performed with lithotripsy. The best part is that within 2 days you can get back to your normal working routine.

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