Bladder Issues: What Are Its Types, Symptoms, And Major Causes?

Bladder Issues: What Are Its Types, Symptoms, And Major Causes?

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    The function of the bladder is to store urine in them. It is a sac-like organ that is detected in the lower abdomen. The urine that is stored is sent from the kidney, and until it is realized, they are held in the bladder.

    Women of all ages notice a bladder issue within themselves. Having complications in the bladder might significantly impact the quality of life, including sexual health, daily activities, and emotional well-being.

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    What Are The Symptoms Of Bladder Issues?

    The symptoms and the signs of bladder issues might vary from one woman to another. It is also highly dependable on the condition of bladder issues and how intense it is. However, given below is some of the most common signs of bladder issues seen among women.


    1. Leakage in the bladder
    2. Burning sensation or pain while urinating
    3. Cloudy urine
    4. Increase in the urge of urinating frequently
    5. Urinating often in small amounts
    6. Urinating more than average (more than eight times a day and more than three times a night)
    7. Strong smelling urine
    8. Blood in the urine
    9. Noticing pain while having physical intercourse
    10. Pain or pressure in the lower abdomen


    What Are The Causes Of Bladder Issues?

    Most bladder issues are caused by a bacterial infection that enters the urinary tract. Such disorders are established in the following ways:


    1. Sexual intercourse (especially with new partners or when done with increased intensity)
    2. Having unhygienic habits after urinating
    3. Backsplash while using the toilet
    4. The use of douches, tampons and spermicides
    5. Having bowel incontinence


    Some of the other potential causes of bladder issues that are indirectly related to the condition and could be treated by the bladder Stone Surgery in Punjab are.

    1. Having an allergic reaction
    2. Notices defect in the bladder lining
    3. Having an autoimmune reaction
    4. Exposure to the chemicals
    5. Having chronic bladder irritation
    6. Having a blockage in the urinary
    7. Having parasitic infection
    8. Previous exposure to any kind of radiation


    What Are The Type Of Bladder Issues?

    Women can be affected by many different kinds of bladder issues. Some of the most common types of bladder issues include:


    1. UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) that are known for affecting the bladder of women (Cystitis)
    2. Urinary incontinency
    3. Bladder cancer
    4. Overactive bladder
    5. Interstitial cystitis which is also known as a bladder pain syndrome


    What Are The Risk Factor of Bladder Issues?

    • Pregnancy

    The muscles that basically control the urethra (a tube that helps the urine travel down and leave the body) and the bladder can sometimes extend out of shape at the time of pregnancy.


    • Childbirth

    During the normal childbirth process, the vagina can be stretched to a limit that ultimately weakens the muscles of the pelvic. This process can sometimes affect the urinary system.

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