Can IVF benefit PCOS patients? What about the success rate of IVF and PCOS?

Can IVF benefit PCOS patients? What about the success rate of IVF and PCOS?

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    PCOS and IVF

    PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a hormonal imbalance that occurs in women during their child-bearing age. One of the most common symptoms of PCOS is infrequent menstrual periods or prolonged periods. PCOS is a metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes. Due to PCOS, the egg is not released every month, which is an important part of conception. The problem is that the reason behind PCOS is not known but treatment for this is possible. If you are diagnosed with PCOS and you are trying to conceive, then you need to visit the best IVF Centre in Punjab. If you are looking for one, then visit our fertility clinic in Moga to increase your chances of conception by getting the best fertility treatment plan.

    How PCOS affects fertility?

    PCOS affects fertility because it prevents the egg from releasing regularly or it can halt ovulation. If you are planning to conceive and you are diagnosed with PCOS then you need to change your lifestyle, control your weight, and start doing exercise.

    Did you know?

    Women diagnosed with PCOS are at increased risk of getting hair loss. Even after balancing your PCOS condition, if your hair fall does not get in control, then medical assistance is at the earliest. Proper hair examination under the supervision of a board-certified doctor allows one to know what to do next. If you are a suitable candidate for a Hair transplant in Ludhiana, then the doctor will suggest the same.

    How to boost the chances of conception with PCOS?

    It is possible that even after you change your lifestyle you experience problems getting pregnant. In such cases, the doctor will suggest you undergo IVF treatment. Initially, the doctor will ask you to take a drug that will help in ovulation. It is possible that medications can help you get pregnant. If that does not happen, then the doctor will suggest you have a fertility injection that contains hormones, and these send a signal to the ovaries to release an egg.

    Healthy and safe pregnancy with IVF

    Bear in mind, IVF can be the first choice and last choice of fertility treatment. Initially, the IVF treatment starts by giving the women medications to increase the egg count. Following that, the eggs are retrieved from the ovaries and then the viable eggs are kept along with sperm in a controlled environment. In case, the male partner is diagnosed with infertility then the donor sperm can be used. Later comes the process of fertilization in which an embryo is formed. The embryo is put back to the woman’s reproductive tract after 3 to 5 days, once it reaches the blastocyst stage. The embryo transfer procedure is done and after 2 weeks you will be called to the fertility clinic to check for the pregnancy results. In case, there are additional healthy embryos then they can be frozen for future pregnancy.

    Plan for the IVF treatment, if you have PCOS

    One of the studies has shown that PCOS patients can benefit from IVF treatment. Chances are that it increases the pregnancy chances by 70%. Just make sure that you are following the doctor’s advice and most importantly look for an experienced fertility doctor.

    Are you diagnosed with PCOS? Don’t stress about anything. Schedule your initial consultation with our fertility doctor and plan for IVF treatment to improve your chances of conception.

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