Can You Get Pregnant With One Fallopian Tube? Which Are The Determining Factors?

Can You Get Pregnant With One Fallopian Tube? Which Are The Determining Factors?

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    There are so many questions which all infertility bothered couples usually ask whenever they visit Gomti Thapar Hospital, the famous IVF centre in Punjab for the initial consultation. Apart from the test tube baby cost (every couple want to enquire about it in the beginning), there is another question which is majorly asked:

    Is pregnancy possible with one fallopian tube as well?’

    So as you might have guessed from the overview itself, in today’s blog we are going to answer the aforementioned question with relevant points.

    Is Pregnancy Possible If One Fallopian Tube Is Not Working?


    To be pregnant in case one of the fallopian tubes is not working is surely possible provided the woman should be in her optimal pregnancy age which is (22 to 28) and the other tube which is supposed to contribute to the conception process should be completely healthy.

    The Fundamental Knowledge About The Fallopian Tubes

    The females are born with two fallopian tubes. The function of both tubes is to transfer the eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. In case, one of the fallopian tubes is blocked or is not working due to any of the following reasons, then the other tube can perform the required function on its own:

    • Scarring
    • Trauma
    • Former ectopic pregnancy

    In Which Cases, You May Find It Difficult To Conceive Even If One Of The Fallopian Tubes Is Doing What Is Necessary?

    As we all are acquainted with the fact that with the progression of age, the quality of eggs keeps on getting deteriorated. No matter whether you are ovulating regularly and the capacity of your reproductive system to pick eggs is good, still, you will have to face challenges for the conception and to carry the full-term baby only and only if you are 40 years old or more than that.

    What to do if:

    • You are 35 years of age
    • You have one healthy functioning fallopian tube

    In case, the individual is 35 years of age and is having one healthy functioning fallopian tube, then they are recommended to try conceiving only after consulting with the fertility specialists.

    When To Expect Conceiving Without Any Compilation With New Working Fallopian Tubes As Well?

    • Optimal fertility age

    The female must be in the optimal fertility age to escalate the chances for healthy conception.

    • Regular ovulation

    Did you know?

    It has been observed that if you are having regular menstrual cycles, then you are ovulating regularly.

    In case, your period is not regular, then you must discuss that with your doctor.

    If you have either tracked your periods or are successful in identifying the fertile window, then you can surely use OPK (Over counter Prediction KIt)

    Bottom Line

    Do you want to know more about such factors which are accountable for determining whether you can conceive with one fallopian tube or not? If yes, then please provide us with your valuable feedback for this blog. Your feedback keeps us going and motivated.

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