Bladder Cancer

Is Flu Responsible for bladder infection?

The body may show some symptoms which are actually due to flu but may be similar to symptoms of a bladder infection. You can have bladder infections and flu at the same time , but that doesn’t imply that influenza causes bladder infection. According to a renowned urologist, a person can have both the conditions […]

Risk Factors of Bladder Cancer

You must be well aware that there are risk factors associated with many diseases. A risk factor of cancer means anything that increases a person’s chance of developing the terminal disease. If you suspect that you might be having bladder cancer, then you must visit the nearest urology center. The urologist will give you the […]

Steps to Prevent Bladder Cancer

Nowadays, bladder cancer is a common problem for those who are drug addicts or for that person who is working in an environment which is being surrounded by dangerous chemicals. Here in this topic, we are going to discuss the steps and symptoms to prevent bladder cancer in detail. What are the steps which should […]

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