Fibroids Treatment

Symptoms and Signs of Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroid is a common condition, given the fact that over 35 million women in the US alone suffer from it. If you want to know what exactly fibroids mean, it is a noncancerous growth of the uterus. They result in symptoms like heavy menstruation and pain. At Gomti Thapar Hospital, you will get the […]

Myths about Fibroids That are Fluke

Fibroids are a type of tumor that occurs in women of reproductive age. However, they are not understood very well. The knowledge related to them is quite limited in the general population. It is necessary to understand the correct information related to it. It will be beneficial to all of us if we could understand […]

How to Handle Fibroids after menopause

Fibroids are seen in many women of reproductive age. They may occur even after menopause. These care non-malignant tumours which grow inside the wall of the uterus. They are not likely to grow into a cancerous mass. However, they can cause pain and discomfort. They may develop in women at the tender age of onset […]

Fibroids And Its Impact On Sex Life

  Uterine fibroids are the condition of the uterus which badly affects the sex life of women. There are various signs of fibroids such as obesity, pelvic pain, weakness, and heavy menstrual bleeding. In this situation, you need to visit the doctor in order to get the best treatment. Uterine Fibroids are explained as tumors [...]
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