What Does A Gynecologist Do And Why Should You Visit Them?

A gynecologist is a specialist doctor who has expertise in the reproductive health of a female body. The gynecologist diagnoses and treats any health condition that is related to the reproductive tract. Some of those reproductive tracts include fallopian tubes, uterus, breasts, and ovaries. Almost 80 % of the female population who are in the […]

Easy Ways To Find A Trustworthy Gynecologist For Your Reproductive Health

Visiting a gynecologist when you notice any issues with your reproductive system is very important. Most often than not, people neglect this necessity dooming it to be unimportant. If you have heavy bleeding, intense cramps, or other concerning symptoms, we highly recommend you visit a Gynecologist in Srinagar. Apart from that, even if you are […]

What are the tips to prevent muscle strain and back stress for a new mom?

Motherhood is the most beautiful phase but it does come with different challenges and mostly the sleepless night. For a new mom, most of her time is spent taking care of her child and she is not able to focus on her health. No matter if you have conceived naturally or undergo fertility treatment at […]

Why do women face incontinence problems when they are pregnant?

Some incidences of pregnancy can be extremely wonderful, while the others are the ones that may make you feel quite embarrassed. But fortunately, the woman does not have to bear the issue for her whole life. This problem goes on its own as soon as the baby comes in your lap. What exactly is incontinence? […]

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