How do pelvic Problems lead to the decreased interest in sex life?

Do you know? The Pelvic floor plays a crucial role while having sex. If you want to know how then read below. What is the role of the Pelvic floor in sex? When the couple mates, then the health of the pelvic floor will determine whether the sex will be pleasurable or irritable. If you […]

SEX AFTER MENOPAUSE – Can it be pleasurable? How to make it so?

As the women advance towards the maternal age, their sex drive starts getting reduced. It usually becomes nil when a woman has encountered menopause. But the ale partners still feel active with their sexual desires. In that case, the sex life of a couple tends to get hugely affected. In today’s blog, we shall discuss […]

Why do you feel pain during sex? How to make your sex life pleasurable?

Sex is usually said to be a union of the two bodies. But what if that union does not give you pleasant experiences. The encounter with pain usually leads to unpleasant experiences. This could be the probable reason why women tend to avoid sex. It has been observed that the pain during sex usually comes […]

What are the topmost tips which help you choose the best infertility centre?

Most people are leading a hectic life which eventually affects their overall well-being. This is one of the reasons that people have to deal with numerous health issues. One of them is infertility which occurs when the reproductive health is affected and the couple is not able to conceive naturally. First of all, you need […]