What Is ICSI Technique And How Does It Help Improving IVF Cycle?

For successful fertilization, the doctor uses the technique of Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) during the IVF process. In the conventional IVF technique, fertilization happens “naturally,” although in a laboratory dish. Basically, the doctor places the egg of a woman in a petri dish with a semen sample already on it. The fittest sperm will automatically […]

The Fertility Treatment Of IVF & ICSI And The Right option For You

Choose the best option for you! Infertility and what if is a constant sentence that loom in many people’s minds. Apart from that, the social stigma connected to it does not help one bit either. This hampers a lot for those women who are infertile and are having difficulty conceiving a child. But not anymore; […]

What Is ICSI, How Does It Work, And Who Is The Right Candidate?

It is essential for the sperm to attach to the outside of the egg before the sperm fertilizes the egg. After attachment, the sperm further begins its working by pushing through the outer layer to get inside the egg, also known as the Cytoplasm; this is where the whole fertilization takes place. There are times […]

What is ICSI treatment? How ICSI procedure helps infertility patients?

Parenthood is one of the happiest phases in a couple’s life. However, many couples are not able to go through this phase due to certain issues. In simple terms, they are not able to conceive naturally due to infertility issues. Consulting the gynecologist in Punjab will help you determine what should be done to manage […]

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