Why visit the fertility clinic? What are the benefits of visiting the same?

Have you ever noticed the difference between visiting a general practitioner and a trained fertility expert? According to the gynaecologist in Punjab, “ A general practitioner can only detect the problem, but he cannot offer its solutions.” But if you visit the fertility experts of the IVF Centre in Punjab, then you will get to […]

When you should visit the IVF hospital in India for infertility treatment?

In many cases, the couple is not able to conceive naturally because of the infertility issue. Starting a family on your own is one of the wishes of the woman and she has waited her whole life to enjoy this phase. But the inability to conceive can result in unhappiness. You must visit the best […]

Is it important for women getting an IVF cycle to get complete bed rest?

One of the common concerns of the patient undergoing the IVF cycle at our IVF centre in Punjab is bed rest. To help the patients be clear about this question, our gynecologist in Punjab has answered this question in brief for you. Let’s dive into the information shared by her.   Myth: Complete bed rest […]

Primary and Secondary Infertility: Meaning, Treatment & Preventive measures

Hearing Mama and Papa from the tiny tots is a dream of every individual. But how would you feel, if someone told you that you cannot conceive of you can not become parents? I know it will be a terrible time for you. But my dear, never forget that God does not send any problem […]