Kidney Stone

What are the major differences between kidney stones and gall bladder stones?

What do kidneys do? Kidneys are a vital organ in the body to keep our overall health right. Their basic function is to remove the toxins and filter the waste products from the body. Following that it will get converted into urine. Basically, it will keep the chemicals and fluids balanced in the body. What […]

What are kidney stones? What are its symptoms and various treatment options?

What are kidney stones? Kidney stones are small solid masses made of crystals. These are also known as renal calculi. As the name suggests, kidney stones are formed in the kidneys. Although, their origin can occur in any part of the urinary tract, which includes: Bladder Urethra Ureters Kidneys It is important to seek medical […]

How are Kidney Stones Diagnosed And Treated?

When the urine contains high levels of salt and minerals, kidney stones can form. The stones are painful and they are of different types. In some cases, the person may not have any symptoms. Read this guide to understand how the problem of kidney stones is diagnosed and treated. Diagnosing the Kidney Stones Kidney stones […]

Myths about Kidney Stones

If getting a kidney stone is what you fear about, then you are not alone. However, there are many myths attached to the condition. According to urologist in Punjab, we must know how to separate the myths from the truths. Kidney stone treatment is readily available across various clinics in the country. Given below are […]