Kidney Stone

Minimal Invasive Surgeries available for Kidney Stone

Various research organizations have been engaged in expanding surgical procedures related to kidney diseases. Modern researchers are more inclined towards investing in minimally invasive procedures as these are comfortable for the patient. They are also effective in treating various ailments of the kidney like cysts, tumors, kidney stones, and stricture disease. Reconstruction of the urinary […]

Types of Kidney Disease That You Can Face

Chronic Kidney Disease This condition is quite common. It is caused mainly due to high blood pressure. As kidneys perform the role of processing the blood, they are exposed to 20 per cent of the total blood volume in one minute. The blood of a person with high blood pressure is harmful to the kidneys […]

5 Best Foods for People With Kidney Problem

A person suffering from kidney ailment is likely to face many problems. Kidneys are bean-shaped structures which perform the process of filtration of body waste and releasing hormones. It plays a significant role in the regulation of blood pressure. It also performs various other important tasks such as maintaining the fluid balance and production of […]

Tips to Keep Kidney’s at Best Health

As we all know that kidney plays a vital role in the whole function of our body. Many Urologist in Moga as well suggest all the young generation specially to take care of their health. Through various types of studies it has been found that already around half of the population in several big countries […]

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