I Don’t Want SEX, But I Want BABIES: Wish Granted by Dr Neelu Koura

Remember? We all do have a friend in our lives who makes us believe that she has gotten pregnant just by kissing in a bathtub. Which Thought Comes To Your Mind, Firstly? We think of her as an urban legend. But such pregnancies do happen in Punjab, Bro. These are known as ‘Virgin Pregnancies’ carried […]

Breast Milk: Nutrition, Composition, Biological Clock and Growth Spurts

The liquid source which nourishes the baby is made by the human body. According to the experts of the IVF Centre in Punjab, “ The production of breast milk is done when the pregnancy hormones are active in the body.” But! But! But! It is not always the case that the pregnant woman only experiences […]

What is painless delivery? How is painless normal delivery beneficial?

So, you are planning to start your journey of becoming a mother. Indeed! One of the most beautiful experiences and part of a woman’s life. That 9 month time develops a strong bond with the child growing inside you. You talk to your baby, share stories with them, and whatnot! It is a whole another […]

6 precautionary measures to avoid facing the devastating situation – STILLBIRTH

Stillbirth – The devastating condition for the mothers Stillbirth is described as the most difficult condition for the mothers because, in this condition, the baby dies before he or she is born (usually in the 24th week of the pregnancy). According to the fertility specialists of the IVF centre in Punjab, “In the UK, no […]

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