Prostate Enlargement

Myths and facts about Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a common condition seen in men. Let us unravel the truth behind some myths associated with it – Myth 1: Raised PSA level means prostate cancer Fact: PSA or Prostate-specific antigen is a protein secreted from the prostate gland, usually in small quantities. Its function is to liquefy the semen thereby improving […]

Everything Women Must know about Prostate Cancer

While breast cancer is becoming an ugly truth in women, prostate cancer seems to be manifesting in men more than ever. You are safe from having this kind of cancer if you are a woman but one of your near and dear men might fall in its clutches. According to the statistics given by urologist […]

Things Men Should Not Ignore And see A urologist

Prostate cancer is the most serious type of cancer which leads to many other problems, such as skin cancer and sexual health problems. If you are suffering fro9m this condition, then must talk to a urologist as soon as possible, because he is the only person who will give you the right suggestions and treatment […]

Most Common Questions about Prostate Enlargement

Prostate Enlargement is a common problem encountered in the current times. Urologists around the world answer the common questions related to prostate. Let us understand the finer points related to it – What is the size of a prostate? The prostate is an organ which is as small as a walnut. It lies below the […]

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