Pelvic Floor Health: What is the importance of the pelvic floor after childbirth?

By consulting the doctor it will make it easier to understand what kind of pelvic floor exercise you need to follow. In addition, what else you need to follow after giving childbirth to maintain your health.

What is prostate cancer in males? How can it be treated successfully?

What is prostate cancer in males? Prostate cancer as the name suggests occurs in the prostate. Prostate in the walnut-shaped gland produces seminal fluid. This fluid is used to transport the sperm and helps to get it the nourishment it needs. Cancer term is an umbrella and one of them includes prostate cancer. Prostate cancer […]

What you should know when you are considering IVF treatment to have a baby?

There might be someone in your know you has undergone the infertility problem. Or when you start family planning, it is making it difficult for you to do so. After consulting with your gynecologist in Punjab, the final decision is made that you need to get IVF. You need to visit the best IVF centre […]

What are the types of fertility doctors and what type of treatment they are specialized in?

Patients often worry about the treatment cost and to make you at ease in this part, you will consult the financial advisor. This way you will understand the different financial options.