When is it Essential to Visit a Urologist?

A urologist can be consulted for issues related to the urinary tract, any infections, pain and swelling, that a patient undergoes. Any personal problems like penis erection, ejaculation, can also be taken care of by a urologist. It is very important to get regular PSA tests done so that any issue can be addressed at […]

Everything About Prostate Cancer You Must Know

There are millions of people who are suffering from prostate cancer. This is a type of non-skin cancer, which is developed in a prostate gland of men. If you are suffering from this condition, you must visit the urologist, so that you can get the right treatment according to your problem. What is prostate cancer? […]

5 Things About Kidney stones you must know

It may sound rather surprising but when certain substances and fluids in the body are not in balance, it can lead to the formation of a kidney stone. Problems in the urinary tract can lead to the formation of stones. The formation of kidney stones often leads to many cases of emergency. For  a correct […]

10 signs That Should visit a Urologist

If you are suffering from a urological problem, then it’s important to visit a urologist. In case the problem is due to some slight problem, nipping it in the bud would be the desirable outcome. In case it is something serious, the sooner the better. Staying urologically and sexually healthy is vital for remaining overall […]

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