How to control bad odor during incontinence? How to get rid of urine smell?

Individuals with incontinence face the issue of foul-smelling odor. In many cases, the problem comes with anxiety and embarrassment. They do not just think about having that situation but because they will smell bad. Due to pandemics, everyone has to stay indoors and manage the odor issue. However, it has been noted that people have […]

What should I do when I can’t find a washroom? What precautions should I take?

We all have experienced the situation of bladder leaks or not. That the urgent need to find a washroom sometimes is not fulfilled on time and it leads to embarrassment. Due to the current scenario, we must take all the necessary precautions. Moreover, many of the establishments are shut down and many of them are […]

What are the kinds of urological diseases? How can we prevent them?

Males, females and children can get affected by a wide variety of urological problems. According to the urologist in Punjab, “The urological problems can come up in the two forms, which are as follow: Filtering of the urine Carrying urine out from the body The urologist in Moga treats all kind of urological problems which […]

Kidney Pain: Where do kidney pain is experienced and how does it feel?

Overview Have you or someone in your known noticed pain in the side or tenderness around the lower back? It is one of the major signs of kidney problems. There are chances that pain is sharp, constant, or dull. Make sure to not neglect the situation and consult the best Urologist in Moga for timely […]