What Causes blood in the Semen?

These days, several men are suffering from several health conditions. They may experience blood in semen while ejaculating, this condition is additionally known as hematospermia. So, you have to talk to your specialist to know the reasons behind or get the proper treatment for blood in semen condition. Blood in semen is additionally known as […]

What are the Urologic side effects of Breast Cancer treatment?

Undergoing cancer treatment can lead to different side effects or the body goes through different changes. Specifically, the women undergoing breast cancer treatment need to keep in mind the chemotherapy can lead to urologic side effects. If you are not aware then read the given topic thoroughly. Overview Women undergoing breast cancer treatment specifically chemotherapy […]

Things Young Men Must know about Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer type in men which occurs at a young age. However, like any other cancer type, early detection can prevent the problem or increase the survival rate. For better information, consult the doctor. In this guide, we will discuss in detail about testicular cancer. Introduction Testicular cancer is the problem […]

Everything about Kidney Stones Diagnosis And Treatments

Urine contains different kinds of salts and minerals. When the urine has a high level of salt and mineral it can result in the formation of hard stone. The kidney stone can be of different color and type. Although sometimes they do not result in any symptom and the problem can be undiagnosed. Read the […]