What is Neurogenic Bladder – Causes and Symptoms

Several people are experiencing urinary problems include bladder problems and spinal cord too. In this case, they need to visit the specialist, so that they can get the right treatment according to the condition. In this article, we are going to tell you about certain urinary problems. What is Neurogenic Bladder? This is a name […]

Overactive Bladder Treatment Options if Oral Medication is not working

Bladder problems are too common in both men and women. To get rid of these problems, you have to visit the urology center, because the only urologist can help you to treat bladder conditions. You need to understand what to do if you are unable to get rid of bladder problems with oral medications. Bladder […]

What does Urine Color Indicate about Health?

You may not notice but your urine changes colors if you are not normal. It is an indication of your state of health. Of course, the change in color can be caused due to medications, or food dyes. However, these changes could be due to some medical conditions. According to an urologist, it is important […]

Things to expect during your first visit to urologist

Urologist is the person who has the ability to treat urology problems. If you are suffering from any type of kidney or urinary tract, then you must talk to a specialist. Also, you need to keep certain things in your mind about your first consultation with a urologist. You will learn several things in this […]

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