Causes of a failed IVF cycle

Causes of a failed IVF cycle

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    In-Vitro-Fertilization is the best treatment option for the infertile couple to improve conception chances. While undergoing the treatment, the couple needs to keep in mind various factors to increase the success rate. In this guide, we will let you know in detail what are the reasons IVF cycle can fail.

    IVF is the best treatment option for the couple to conceive who are diagnosed with infertility problems. When you visit the IVF centre you must keep in mind different factors to improve the success rate. Well, your IVF doctor will not know how to reduce the risk factors. Given below are some of the top causes why the IVF cycle can fail.

    • Quality of egg and women’s age

    One of the essential factors which determine fertility is women’s age. When a woman is born she has all the eggs for a lifetime. With time, the egg quality & quantity will decline naturally. This means when you try to conceive your age can create a problem and the egg quality. When you visit the fertility doctor, they will do different tests to evaluate the ovarian reserve.

    If the doctor has retrieved fewer eggs than expected, then the doctor will suggest the option of donor egg or prescribe you medication for the stimulation process.

    • Poor quality of Embryo

    In most cases, the IVF cycle can fail when the embryo quality is not proper. It might be possible the embryo is flawed which was not visible in the test or it may not develop naturally due to genetic defect or chromosomal issue.

    If the cycle failed due to this reason, then there is nothing you did wrong or you did not do. Simply, the embryo was not viable. This not only happens with an infertile couple even fertile couples can face this issue.

    If the cycle failed due to poor embryo quality then the doctor will recommend the option of PGS (Preimplantation genetic screening) and the tests the embryo before they are transferred to the women’s reproductive tract.

    • Low Ovarian Reserve

    Women who produce low quality or poor quality egg might have the issue of poor ovarian reserve, this problem is due to:

    – Age above 37.

    – Have a low AMH level

    – Have a high FSH level

    In this case, the doctor can recommend fertility medications which will help to improve the ovarian response.

    • Implantation Dysfunction

    The cycle can fail if the embryo is not able to attach to the uterine lining properly. The problem can occur due to the poor embryo quality or issue with the uterus.

    The problem can arise due to thin endometrium or abnormal uterus.

    If you have any doubts in your mind then schedule your appointment with our fertility doctor to make an informed decision.

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