What are the top causes of watery semen? What are the treatment options?

What are the top causes of watery semen? What are the treatment options?

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    Normally, semen is in thick and whitish liquid, but there are certain instances in which its color and consistency can get affected. Many male patients visit the best IVF Centre in Punjab complaining about watery semen. In such a case, you have to schedule your consultation at our fertility clinic in Moga And get yourself the right treatment plan. Let’s read further about the causes of watery semen.

    Causes of watery semen

    Reason 1: Low sperm count

    Low sperm count or oligospermia, is one of the biggest reasons for infertility. By this, it means the sperm count is low than normal. It might be due to certain reasons like:

    • Tumors

    Benign and malignant tumors in the testicles might affect sperm production.

    • Varicocele

    Varicocele is a condition that can lead to swelling in the veins. Although, this condition is treatable if not treated on time then it can be the reason for infertility.

    • Infection

    STDs can be one of the reasons for infection like gonorrhea or any other infection which can lead to reproductive organ infection like epididymitis.

    • Hormonal Imbalance

    Testicles, the hypothalamus, and the pituitary gland produce hormones that lead to healthy sperm count. If changes occur then it can affect sperm production.


    Reason 2: Zinc is not produced enough in the body

    Apart from the low sperm count, if the male partner is going through zinc deficiency then also it can create problems with semen. In such a case, the patient must take the zinc sulfate supplement. If not, treated, then it can by mistake start affecting the sperm.


    Reason 3: Frequent ejaculation

    There are high chances that due to frequent ejaculation the problem of watery semen can occur. Due to the same, the semen quality will get lower. So, it is better that you avoid the habit, and not doing that for some time will help the semen quality to come back to its normal state.


    Reason 4: Pre-ejaculation

    Watery semen may occur due to pre-ejaculation. There are high chances that during this state, the sperm count is extremely low than required.


    What does it mean to have discolored semen?

    If the semen seems to be discolored then it tells that you have some kind of health issue. Here are some of the factors due to which it can be different in color:

    • Reddish-brown or pink

    Bleeding or inflammation in the prostate, although this condition is treatable

    • Yellow semen

    Yellow semen means urine is present in a small amount or the presence of white blood cells in the semen are very high.


    What are the treatment options for watery semen?

    By this problem, it does not mean that you have to get the treatment. The problem of low sperm count, will not completely eradicate your chances to conceive but it will make you go through several attempts. Treatment options that can be included are:

    • Antibiotic therapy
    • Hormone treatment, if hormones are not balanced
    • For varicocele, surgery is suggested

    Apart from that, the doctor can suggest you keep a check on your weight, do not smoke & drink alcohol, and follow a healthy diet.

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