What are prospective and top causes women are diagnosed with infertility?

What are prospective and top causes women are diagnosed with infertility?

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    Possible causes behind female infertility

    Non-successful ovulation

    One of the major causes of female infertility is not being able to ovulate which affects around 40% of women. This problem is likely to result in different issues like:

    • Gynecological issue or Ovarian issue
    • With age ovarian reserve start diminishing
    • Endocrine disorder
    • A sedentary lifestyle and environmental issues

    Fluctuation in the menstrual cycle

    Imbalance in the menstrual cycle is one of the possible reasons for infertility. There are different phases included in it and it becomes important that each of them goes smoothly, If not, then you are likely to encounter issues during the conception phase.

    The reproductive system triggers structural issues

    The structural issue occurs due to the factor of abnormal tissue found in the uterus or fallopian tubes. The normal functioning is affected by these which result in infertility. Some of the major causes are:

    • Uterus scarring due to infection, surgery, or injury. It increases the likelihood of miscarriage.
    • Endometriosis tissue blocks the fallopian tube
    • Uterine fibroids have been noted to increase the risk of preterm labor and miscarriage.
    • Women with unusual uterus shape will have difficulty carrying a full-term pregnancy

    Infections can lead to infertility

    Untreated infections are known to increase the risk of infertility. The chances of stillbirth due to untreated syphilis. The HPV infection is known to impact the quality of cervical mucus.

    The egg does not get mature

    The egg is not able to get mature due to different reasons. Some of the possible reasons are obesity, PCOS, or reducing the quantity of protein that helps the egg to mature. With this issue, the egg will not release at on right time, won’t reach the fallopian tube and fertilization will not occur. Some of the possible causes of implantation failure are:

    • Embryo with a genetic defect
    • Endometriosis
    • The endometrial cavity have scar tissue
    • Thin endometrium


    PCOS is the well-known reason behind women’s infertility. The problem occurs when the women’s ovaries start releasing androgen in higher amounts than needed. With the situation, the development of the ovarian follicle is hindered and eggs are not released on time. Its exact cause is not known. Nevertheless, some research has shown that it is linked to environmental and genetic factors. 

    Autoimmune disorders

    Autoimmune disorder results in affecting the healthy body tissues. Some of the ones which result in infertility are:

    • Lupus
    • Hashimotos
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Thyroiditis

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