Common Questions About Laser Urinary Stone Treatment

Common Questions About Laser Urinary Stone Treatment

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    In modern times, medical science offers great options for the treatment of kidney stones. Laser treatment is one of them. According to the urologist in moga, it is one of the great options one can avail to get treated for kidney stones.

    How Does Laser Surgery Work For Stone?

    You will be delighted to know that the surgery is minimally invasive and does not require incisions on the body. After making the patient unconscious, a ureteroscope is placed in the urethra of the patient. This makes it easy to access the ureter and the kidney. After locating the stone, the Holmium energy is used to break up the kidney stones. The surgeon then removes the pieces through the urethra using a small basket. The small pieces can then pass out of the body through urine. Holmium is used to turn the stones to a fine powder.

    The surgeon usually inserts a stent between the kidney and the urethra. The stent is a tube-like structure which promotes healing and enhances the process of letting the small stones out of the body. It allows the kidney to drain when the healing process is going on. The stents are usually removed one week after the surgery. Kidney stone removal surgery usually lasts for an hour. The dusting technique may reduce the chances of the requirement of basket and stent.

    What Happens On The Day Of The Surgery ?

    Before the day of the procedure comes, the surgeon will tell you about the precautions and the medications you must take before the surgery. You might need to discontinue some medications as well as take care of your diet. You may be able to leave the same day as most kidney stone surgeries are conducted on an outpatient basis. After you have been given anesthesia, the laser rays will be used to fragment the stone. The use of lasers also ensures that the surgery’s duration is short and the patient can get back to his normal self  faster.

    What Awaits Me After The Surgery?

    Don’t expect painless treatment with laser. You will feel some sort of pain with it. If you had a stent installed in your body, then the rubbing action between the kidney and the bladder is most likely to cause pain. You may feel like urinating frequently. Male patients might experience pain in the penis and the testicles. Do remember to take the medications prescribed by the surgeon. They will help you in keeping infections and pain at bay. It is advised by the urologist that the patient drinks a lot of water to keep the stent lubricated and help the small stones to pass out of the body.

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