Diet And Supplement To Help You Prevent Pcos From Reoccurring

Diet And Supplement To Help You Prevent Pcos From Reoccurring

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    PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) or PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease) is a condition wherein we find higher levels of male hormones in women. Now both PCOD and PCOS have similar conditions, but the cause is different. In PCOD, there are many causes, but in PCOS, there are only two primary forms. You can get a PCOS treatment in moga with a well-balanced and healthy diet and certain healthy herbs and supplements.

    Two Ways To Prevent PCOS

    • Diet
      • Consume equal amounts of carbohydrates and protein

    One of the biggest reasons for PCOS is the resistance to insulin. According to the Gynecologist in Srinagar, if you are able to balance these two nutrients in your body, then there is a good chance for PCOS or insulin resistance to be reduced. On top of that, try to avoid eating processed carbohydrates as they might cause an increase in protein levels. Rather, try to consume quinoa, spelt, and millet, among other food items. 

    • Eat food that is low on the glycemic index.

    Some food items low on the glycemic index include apples, walnuts, beans, and asparagus. The reason to consume food items that are low on the glycemic index is because of the decrease in the glycemic load, which ultimately does not lead to a sudden increase and then decrease in the blood sugar level. Some of those food items that increase glycemic are white potatoes, pancakes, and scones. 

    • Eat a high-fiber diet.

    There are exactly two primary techniques that help decrease the chances of PCOS with fiber. The first is that it helps digest the sugar, so your insulin level stays within a limit. And the second is that it helps in estrogen metabolism.

    • Eat often

    You should at least eat 5 to 6 times a day. If you have 3 to 4 meals, it might cause an imbalance in the estrogen metabolism. But eating often might allow your estrogen metabolism to increase sufficiently. 

    • Quite coffee

    The best way to increase estrogen levels is coffee which contracts PCOS. Avoid consuming coffee to save you from PCOS.

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    • Herbs and supplement
      • Cod liver oil

    It is very important in helping weight loss and also balancing the hormone level. This is the reason why you must add this supplement (cod liver oil) to your diet or try to consume it by itself. 

    • Licorice root

    If you want to maintain a proper production and reaction of hormones, then you must add licorice to your diet. It helps increase the liver’s health and produces a healthy insulin level. 

    • Maca

    You can also call maca an Adaptogen. It is a great way to help you balance the hormones without generating any other hormones themselves.

    • Cinnamon

    It is a great herb helping you regulate the insulin level and prevent insulin resistance. 

    • Omegas

    Omega 3 and omega six help in decreasing the inflammation in the body. But you should also know that women generally have low-grade inflammation in their bodies. 

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