Difference Between Day 3 embryo And Day 5?

Difference Between Day 3 embryo And Day 5?

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    Patients undergoing IVF treatment have one question in their mind is that when they should get the embryo transfer i.e. day 3 or day 5. If you are going through the same situation then make sure to consult the doctor. Read the given topic to makes things a little easier for you.

    So, you have decided to get IVF treatment, but wondering when you should get the embryo transferred day 3 or day 5. ideally, the embryo transfer depends on the situation of the patient. Assuming which is the best day can be pretty hard. Let’s know more about the procedure of embryo transfer.

    Embryo Transfer: History

    Earlier, this process was done too soon in the treatment. Often, it was done after egg retrieval in one or 2 days. At those times, the lab conditions were very different and the techniques were not that modern. The problem was embryo was not able to survive for a long time. But, with time a lot has been changed. Normally, for many years the transfer was done for 3 days by the IVF doctor.

    Blastocyst Stage

    Research has shown that nutrients needed for the embryo development need at least 3 days. Many new standards have been developed which have helped the embryo to stay alive for 5 to 6 days outside the human body. Following 5 to 6 days the embryo is going to reach the development stage which is the blastocyst stage. In this stage, around 50% of the fertilized egg will get developed.

    Embryo development

    • The embryo starts growing as a single-cell and gets divided in every 12 to 24 hours. On day 3, it has a 4 to 8 cells which are known as a multi cell embryo.
    • By day 5, the embryo is going to get developed as blastocyst in which there are 70 to 100 cells. In this case, there are 2 different types of cells: Inner cell (develops the fetal tissue) and trophoblast (leads to the placenta part)
    • The embryo gets activated by a procedure known as genomic activation. The ability to use the genes by the embryo is not that easy and this makes the blastocyst procedure special.
    • The doctor will choose the embryo which is of good health and unique. For every patient this is different. It might be possible that right away they do not show the features. This is the reason for keeping them for enough time is essential.
    • By transferring the embryo day 3 it helps in embryo growth, successful development, and implantation.
    • Transferring them day 3 and they all have the same quality then it would be difficult to choose which one is best. In this case, it might be best to transfer the embryo on day 5.

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