Difference between Laparoscopy and Open Surgery

Difference between Laparoscopy and Open Surgery

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    There are two main procedures which include open surgery and laparoscopy. But at times, people get confused about what is the difference between these two. Keep in mind to make the right choice you should take the help of the doctor always. Read the given topic properly as we have shared the difference between the two.

    Is it fine to get just 4 to 5 incisions or just 1?

    Preferably having 1 incision will be our choice. Undergoing the procedure and getting one incision is the best choice. Keep in mind that traditional open surgery needs a single 6 to 7 inches long incision on the surgical site to treat the area.

    On the other hand, the standard procedure is minimally invasive which requires 4 to 5 small incisions. You might have heard from people regarding the minimally invasive procedure and Laparoscopy surgery is one of its kind.

    The procedure is minimally invasive and it helps in examining the pelvic and abdomen area. The surgery uses incisions on the belly region which makes it easy to reach the inner parts of the body. Initially, the surgery was used for treating gallbladder and gynecological issues, but now the surgeons are using it for different purposes like weight loss, endometrial cancer, biopsies, reflux surgery, and hernia repair.

    What is the working of the procedure?

    • During the surgery special tool named laparoscope is used which is thin-fiber optic and it has a camera that helps in recording the images. The abdomen is inflamed with carbon dioxide which gives the viewing space.
    • The laparoscope will show the high-resolution images which help the surgeon to show the abdominal cavity in the best manner.

    The surgeon can detect the following issues which include tumor, infection, liver disease, blockage, traumatic injury, and urological issue. If you are facing any urological problems then you should seek help from the best urologist in Punjab.

    Difference between open surgery and laparoscopic procedure

    Particulars Open Surgery Laparoscopic Surgery
    Incision Size Large incision (8 to 10 cm) 3-4 incisions of 5-10 mm
    Recovery Time 1 to 2 weeks 2 to 3 days
    Blood Loss or Blood vessel injury More Less
    Scar Marks Ugly Present maybe ugly
    Infection and hernia Common Less
    Pain Severe & Common Moderate

    Benefits of laparoscopic Procedure

    ・ Due to the smaller incisions, there is less pain as well recovery is pretty fast.

    ・ Lower risks of blood loss as incisions are smaller made during the surgery.

    ・ Reduced risk of infection after surgery as internal organs are less exposed

    ・ Gives Better aesthetic results.

    ・ More economic in comparison to the traditional procedures.

    ・ Duration of hospital stay is less and patients can get back to normal working routine in less time.

    In case of any doubt or you want more information then you should directly consult with the doctor.

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