Doctor Expert Guide: Learn Your Next Step After Multiple IVF Failure

Doctor Expert Guide: Learn Your Next Step After Multiple IVF Failure

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    Currently, IVF is known for being one of the most successful and safe treatments to conceive a child. It is a solution to your infertility condition. It is an extensive procedure that the doctor performs in various stages to ensure a successful IVF treatment in Moga.

    It is a precise method wherein the doctor stimulates the eggs through fertility shots to ensure that the ovaries produce enough healthy eggs for fertilization. In the next step, the IVF doctor in Moga retrieves the eggs from the ovaries and collects the sperm from the man. Both the reproductive components are combined together for fertilization in a Petri dish in the lab. After the fertilization is completed, approximately 5-6 days later, the embryo is placed back in the womb for natural childbirth.

    Multiple IVF Failures

    Most of the time, the patient sees a positive outcome, but there are chances when the embryo does not attach itself to the uterus resulting in a negative pregnancy. In some other cases, the woman faces miscarriage right after the embryo transfer. Even Though IVF treatment is known for being a successful procedure; there are times when it does not lead to pregnancy, which is, as you imagine to be a devastating moment for the couple. Many even face such complications in many cycles.

    After having gone through multiple IVF failures, it is not easy to build up courage for another step mentally, emotionally, and physically. So that means your dream to conceive your biological child will stay a dream? That is why we are bringing some information on what to do after IVF failure.

    What Are Your Next Steps After IVF Failure?

    There are many couples who have to undergo many IVF cycles before they achieve success. If you have had multiple IVF failures, it will undoubtedly take a toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is why your doctor would advise you before each IVF cycle for testing before moving forwards. After that, your options would be more visible, which is highly dependent on the r4esults of those tests.

    The doctors advise those with multiple IVF failures to undergo preimplantation genetic testing. With this method, the doctor would screen your embryo for any chromosomal abnormalities; the implantation done after the testing would ensure that the IVF has a higher rate of success.

    Another way you can get pregnant is through the help of donor eggs. This is usually advised to those who are unable to form healthy eggs due to age or other health factors.

    Failing IVF does not mean that it is the end; remember, you have other options.

    What Are The Reason Behind IVF Failure?

    There are ample reasons why the IVF cycle is unsuccessful. But it does not put an end to the path of having a successful IVF cycle in the future. Some of the basics reasons are:

    1. Quality of embryo

    2. Age of eggs

    3. Autoimmune disease

    4. Chromosomal issues

    5. Lifestyle

    For All Intents And Purposes

    At Gomti Thapar hospital, you will be able to find the proper treatment for your infertility condition. So do not wait anymore and book your initial consultancy.

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