Does Abortion Affect Fertility of a Woman?

Does Abortion Affect Fertility of a Woman?

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    Fertility problems are so common in women and men as well. If you do not want to conceive a baby right now, then you must talk to doctor for an abortion. Here, in this guide we are going to tell you everything in detail about abortion, so you need to read it carefully at the end.

    Pregnancy is the best period of women’s life, that will give you real happiness. However, many ladies are unable to give birth to their own child due to many factors such as ovary problems, hormonal problems, genetic reasons, blocked fallopian tubes, and so on. This is natural reasons, but many women do not conceive because they want to pursue their career. And they want to plan family little late due to this reason. That’s why they lean toward abortion, that has two types such as-:

    • Medical
    • Surgical

    Medical abortion is explained as when you take pills in order to terminate the pregnancy. whereas, surgical abortion is performed in the clinical lab, only when a pregnancy is reached to an advanced stage. This is also done, when women are unable to terminate their pregnancy with the help of pills. For this you need to visit the lady doctor near you, or you must visit the IVF centre. Many people ask us when you seek the help of IVF doctor.

    The below mentioned points will clarify when you need to visit the doctor. 

    • A high temperature


    • If you are experiencing persistent pain in the lower abdomen, which do not go away even after taking medicines. 


    • Excessive bleeding

    Complication that are associated with abortion.

    Infection of the womb

    Well, this is not experienced by every woman, and this is rare. You may not know that this is caused due to antibiotics that you took during abortion.

    Pregnancy remaining in the womb

    This is rare, but if it happens you may need further treatment.

    Continuation of the pregnancy

    This usually experience by those ladies, who do not take medications properly.  After this, they need to go through further treatment.

    Excessive bleeding

    If you are experiencing excessive, then you must talk to the doctor as soon as possible. You need to go through a blood transfusion.

    Moreover, you may experience damage of womb or entrance of the womb, that leads to infertility in the future. This is usually happens if you go through surgical abortion. In addition to this, you may suffer from mental disorders, that will lead to serious conditions.

    Effect on fertility and future pregnancies

    • Well, if you are going through abortion, it does not affect you negatively and your fertility as well.
    • You may not know that millions of women are again able to conceive afterwards, so, in this way you must start using birth control pills.
    • In addition to this, there is no such risk of fertility problems after the abortion.
    • However, sometimes, you may experience serious problems such as infection in the fallopian tubes and ovaries, that is known as Pelvic inflammatory disease.
    • And this condition is further linked to infertility in ladies. But you do not take tension, because it is rare and it can be treated with the help of medical treatment.

    If you are still experiencing problems, then must talk to a specialist, so that you can get rid of the problem.

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