Does Kidney Diseases Affect Fertility?

Does Kidney Diseases Affect Fertility?

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    If you suffer from kidney disease, chances are that you might suffer from fertility issues. However, people should not worry themselves sick over the matter. Infertility treatment is readily available at many clinics for such patients. You can get your fertility checked by an IVF doctor near you. The Gomti Thapar IVF centre specializes in dealing with such cases.

    Dialysis and fertility 

    People undergoing dialysis are likely to suffer from fertility issues. Women may suffer from irregularity or absence of periods. Some women might also experience exceptionally heavy periods in the initial days after starting dialysis. The males may experience low sperm count while undergoing dialysis. Many women on dialysis may manage to conceive but reaching full-term pregnancy with a baby of normal size seems to have low chances of occurrence. There is another complication in conceiving while you are on dialysis. It may lead to further complications in the woman’s health. Discuss the issue with your health care team if you intend to get pregnant during dialysis. You should also discuss the birth control methods with the team. Certain contraceptive pills are known to raise blood pressure. Women with IUD (intra-uterine device) should not opt for peritoneal dialysis as it will raise the risk factor of peritonitis.

    Transplant and fertility

    A patient who has undergone transplantation of kidney can think about extending his or her family after 1 year. This gap is necessary to ensure that the anti-rejection medication course has been completed and the pregnancy is safe. The owner will need to be under careful medical supervision as mothers with a transplanted kidney are likely to give birth to premature and low weight babies. Both the male and the female fertility quotient go up after the health improves due to transplantation. The same can be said about their sexual functioning. In case the couple does not want pregnancy, they can use contraceptives.

    Chances of conception in Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) patients

    You have only 50 % chances of conception if you or your partner suffers from PKD. You should approach your health care team which will give proper genetic screening and genetic counselling advice.

    Parenthood and kidney problems

    It is normal to desire an offspring once you have settled down. However, health conditions like kidney problems may affect your chances of conception. It is best to talk to your partner on the issue. The patient also needs a lot of strength and support from the near and dear ones. After consulting the health care team, you must consider choices like IVF and IUI to maximize your chances of having a healthy baby.

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