Does Pollution Have Any Adverse Effect on Pregnancy?

Does Pollution Have Any Adverse Effect on Pregnancy?

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    The environmental factors influence us in more ways than one. As researchers are pursuing the issue deep inside, it is coming to light that the pollution in the air has a lot to do with the pregnancy of the women. According to gynae in Moga, the correlation between pregnancy-related complications and pollution is coming into the spotlight with these revelations. Lady doctor in Punjab enlists the following side effects of exposure to pregnancy-

    • Low Birth Weight

    In an ideal pregnancy, the baby should weigh around 6-9 pounds when the baby is 40 weeks old. About 33% of babies born in India are under eight ounces, which is considered to be low birth weight. The primary reason for this is the exposure of the mother to pollution during pregnancy. If you consult Gynae in Punjab, she will reflect the same truth.


    • Preterm Birth 


    If the research undertaken by The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) is anything to go by, the babies born prematurely amount up to three million every year.It means that 28 % of all premature births are due to exposure to air pollution. Such children have high chances of having a physical disability and neurological disorders. So the expectant moms must be careful about not getting exposed to air pollution.


    • Autism 


    Another issue which the babies of women exposed to air pollution deal with is Autism. It is still not clear which particular semester is most influenced by the particulate matter pollution. The women with exposure in earlier stages of pregnancy don’t have an elevated risk of delivering a child with Autism.


    • Asthma 


    It has been found that women exposed to pollution have high chances of asthma. Women with asthma are prone to preeclampsia, a condition in which the blood pressure gets elevated and the kidneys and the liver start malfunctioning. Such a condition will require efficient management . If the management is done correctly, the baby will not be affected by it. However,  mismanaged Asthma can cause the baby to suffer from lack of oxygen. This can lead to poor weight growth, premature birth, and low birth weight. The baby can also develop asthma later in life as I pollution causes a breach in the placenta.


    • Fertility Problems 


    Air pollution also contributes to low fertility rates. The men and women who are exposed to air pollution have shown poor fertility rates. Research links infertility to air pollution.

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