Drinks to Avoid on a Kidney Stone Diet

Drinks to Avoid on a Kidney Stone Diet

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    Kidney stone formation can occur in the body in several ways. They are formed in the urinary tract and cause problems in the urinary system. The stones may be formed due to the combination of calcium with oxalates or phosphorous in the urine. When these substances become highly concentrated, they solidify. The stones may also be formed by the build-up of uric acid, which is a by-product of protein metabolism. The kidney stones are difficult to pass as the urinary system is designed to handle liquid waste. Kidney stone treatment is possible, though the formation of stones can be avoided by taking the right diet. According to an urologist, kidney stone formation depends on what we eat and how much hydrated we are.

    The diet plan for avoiding kidney stones

    1. Plenty of water


    A person must have a good intake of fluids, especially water. High fluid intake will help in diluting the chemicals which can cause the formation of stones. A person’s average water intake should be at least 12 glasses daily.

    1. Citrus intake 

    It helps if you include citrus fruits in your diet. If you ingest a lot of citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, grapefruit, etc., chances are that you will not have the problem of kidney stones.

    1. Have ample amount of calcium and vitamin D

    Include sources of calcium in your diet otherwise it might lead to the rise in the levels of oxalate. It is preferable to include food items rich in calcium rather than including supplements in your diet. Milk, yogurt and cottage cheese are good sources of calcium. You can also get the calcium from dark green vegetables, legumes,  tofu, seeds, nuts, and blackstrap molasses. If you have an issue like lactose intolerance, you can use lactose-free milk, soy milk or goat’s milk. You must also include sources of vitamin D in your diet as it helps absorb calcium. Eggs, cheese, and fatty fishes are good sources of vitamin D.

    Which diet to follow if you have a kidney stone?


    1. Limit intake of salt


    High levels of sodium can cause a build-up of calcium. Refrain from adding salt to the food and check the sodium levels before you buy processed foods. Fast food and restaurant food can be high in sodium. Certain vegetable juices can also contain high levels of sodium.

    1. Limit your animal protein share

    Having a diet rich in animal proteins can cause high levels of uric acid in the body. It is better to avoid having chicken, red meat, poultry, pork, fish, and eggs to avoid the formation of excessive uric acid in the body. You can include tofu, quinoa, chia seeds hummus, and Greek yogurt to supplement your protein needs without fearing the formation of uric acid.

    All in all, a plant-based diet combined with high fluid intake and low high sodium consumption will be suitable for a person with a kidney stone.

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