Early Signs Of Kidney Stones And Right Time To See A Urologist

Early Signs Of Kidney Stones And Right Time To See A Urologist

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    Kidney stones can spell a lot of trouble if not treated on time. They are made from salt deposits in the body which accumulate together along with other minerals found in the urine. These become stones over a period of time. Their size may range from small pebble-like structures to bigger chunks. Some of them are soft while some are solid and rock-like. The smaller ones may pass out with the urine but the larger ones may get stuck at some point which may cause unbearable pain. Large stones are even known to block the path of the urine. But sometimes the person may not see any symptoms of their presence as they do not cause pain in most of the cases. It may become hard to diagnose their presence if the symptoms are not present. Take note if you feel any of the following signs, as mentioned by a urologist in moga

    Pain in the back, side or groin-

    If you are having a pain that started as a dull feeling but has escalated to sharp pain, it could be due to stones. It can be felt in your back or side, in the testicles or the tip of the penis in men.


    A person with a stone has problems sitting still as they are not comfortable in any position.


    It could happen when the stone blocks the urine flow causing it to regress and cause swelling in the kidney. Once the kidney stone removal is done, the symptoms will disappear.

    Urge to urinate frequently

    People with stones might feel like going to the washroom time and again. They might experience other bladder conditions such as peeing in small amounts, returning back often, high frequency of urination, etc. The reason for these symptoms is that the stones cause irritation to the walls of the bladder which leads to the contraction of the bladder.

    Blood in the urine

    The stones irritate the tissue lining the urinary tract and cause bleeding. It could be microscopic thus go undetected sometimes. One should analyze the urine carefully if it seems red or looks like tea or coke.

    Burning sensation during  urination

    If you experience pain or burning sensation during urination, you might be having a kidney stone. The patient might experience pain when the stone travels through the ureter. But the pain might be due to UTI as well. If it is accompanied by foul-smelling urine, get yourself checked for UTI before jumping to any conclusions.


    If the kidney stones are blocking the path of the urine, then the person may experience fever. You can use antibiotics to get relieved of the situation. Shock wave lithotripsy may be used to break the stones into small pieces with sound waves which can be expelled when you urinate.

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