ED (Erectile Dysfunction): Consult the sexologist for ED treatment

ED (Erectile Dysfunction): Consult the sexologist for ED treatment

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    If someone asks you, ‘How’s your sexual life going?’ Will you be okay answering the same? Well, most individuals try to hide their sexual life or, to be precise, keep it private, even at the cost of having difficulty managing the situation. If your sexual life is not on the right track, you must consult the Sexologist in Moga to get a personalized treatment plan for managing the condition.

    ED Treatment in Punjab

    ED problem means not being able to erect or sustain it while having sexual intercourse. Sometimes, stress or daily life events can trigger problems. No matter what’s creating difficulty with your sexual life, you need to consult a medical expert to get Erectile dysfunction treatment in Faridkot, as the problem can affect sexual intimacy.

    What are the common signs of ED?

    As mentioned above, sometimes the problem is due to emotional turmoil, which can lead to sexual dysfunction. In case you have ED, it’s possible to notice some of the common symptoms like:

    • Premature ejaculation
    • Not able to achieve an orgasm
    • Low level of libido or loss of sexual interest
    • Not able to achieve orgasm

    Why should I not delay ED treatment?

    Consulting the medical expert for ED requires prompt attention. Sometimes, the condition can point toward another health issue. Here are some of the conditions that tell you to need to get immediate medical treatment.

    • Heart issue
    • Blocked blood vessels
    • High levels of bad cholesterol or LDL
    • Sleep disorders
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Hypertension
    • Diabetes
    • Parkinson’s disease

    If you are trying to conceive and do not know about the problem of ED, then visit an IVF centre in Punjab to seek a better understanding of the entire condition and how to improve your conception chances.

    Factors that increase the risk of ED

    Some of the risk factors that increase the risk of ED are:

    • Being overweight, don’t let the blood flow reach the penis
    • Undergone radiation or prostate surgery
    • An injury that results in nerve damage or arteries connected to the penis
    • Surgery that affects nerves or spinal cord
    • Excess tobacco use

    Diagnosis of ED

    During the initial consultation, the doctor will ask about the different symptoms and medical history. The doctor will ask you to get a few other tests like:

    • Blood tests
    • Sonography
    • Nocturnal penile Tumescence test

    Depending on what test results came out, the doctor suggested further measures to be taken.

    Consult the medical health professional

    The course of your treatment depends on your condition. If the problem is due to an emotional state, then the necessary factors are analyzed to effectively address the issue. On the other hand, if the problem is due to a medical condition, the doctor suggests a critical approach depending on the same.

    Are you diagnosed with ED?

    As every patient’s condition varies from one another so, only the doctor can suggest the ultimate approach.

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