Effect of Electronic gadgets on pregnancy outcome

Effect of Electronic gadgets on pregnancy outcome

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    In Today’s world the use of technology has become very popular. Almost at every place, technology is being used. But, the effect of electronic gadgets on the pregnancy cannot be neglected. Read the given topic as we have mentioned in detail about its effect of pregnancy for your understanding.

    Technological advancement has changed the entire scenario in different ways. The use of mobile phones has now become a necessary medium not for communication only but appointments, job search, shopping, transaction, service, and many more. The use of electronic gadgets has become an inevitable part of everyone’s life.

    However, the use of electronic gadgets in excess can lead to a negative impact on the pregnancy and radiation from the device is harmful to children.

    Pregnancy outcome affected by Radiation Hazards

    According to health experts, phone devices emit radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation which can enhance the excitability of the brain and is considered carcinogenic. Being in close contact with the laptops and mobile phones need to be limited. Gadgets emit radio waves which can affect the Growing fetus DNA structure and can lead to mutation issues.

    Lately, many babies are born with ADHD or cognitive disabilities, and Asperger’s syndrome. Experts say that these concerns increase because of exposure to Wi-Fi and electronic devices during conception.

    One of the studies concluded that the use of the mobile phone during pregnancy increases the risk of hyperactivity, the behavioral issue in the growing fetus. No doubt, the radiation from these devices is low-energy but the continuous use of them can trigger many health issues which can make the pregnancy complicated. Just make sure that you consult the gynae Punjab if you are facing a problem or want any help they will guide you properly.

    Radiation Prevention during pregnancy

    Here are some prevention methods which should be followed during pregnancy.

    • If you are working on a laptop of any electronic device then you need to make sure that their proper distance kept between the device and source of radiation. It should not be placed too close to the body.
    • When you are taking the nap you should turn on the airplane mode of your mobile device.
    • Before taking a nap, do not use the electronic device for at least 30 to 60 minutes. Make sure that you do not keep the phone under your pillow. The best option is to leave it in another room.
    • Instead of using a mobile phone or gadgets, you should read the book or magazine.
    • Avoid using the computer for more than 4 hours a day.
    • Opt for fabric (blankets and clothes) which can absorb or reflect the electromagnetic fields.

    You can book your appointment with our gynae Ludhiana to get a reliable treatment plan.

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