Egg Freezing – Is it the Good choice?

Egg Freezing – Is it the Good choice?

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    It is seen that women opt for egg freezing option so that they can get pregnant later in life. But at times, they are not aware of the procedure and how it is going to work for them. If you want to get the procedure but not sure should you get it then read the topic carefully as we have mentioned everything in detail about the process.

    Lately, many women are opting for the option for egg freezing as they want to delay the pregnancy. This is helpful because fertility declines with age. Due to this, the egg freezing option is on the rise. Even at our gynae Punjab, many women are coming to get the procedure done. Their main reason is that they want to focus on their career first and they plan their family. In some cases, they say they are not sure when they are going to get married. If you are on the same list then consider the option of egg freezing.

    Process of Egg-Freezing

    During the menstrual cycle, each month one egg is released. But for egg freezing around 10 or more eggs are needed. This procedure is done in 3 steps:

    • To stimulate the production of eggs in the ovaries hormonal injections are given.
    • During the entire process, the physician will monitor your health.
    • The eggs are retrieved with an ultrasound and then frozen immediately.

    On average, the hormonal injections are given for 10 to 12 days. The process of freezing the eggs is known as vitrification.

    Does egg freezing work?

    Research has shown that oocyte cryopreservation has risen. Well, the survival rate of eggs is around 70 to 80 percent. Well, with any other fertility treatment options guarantee is not there because different factors are considered and the same goes with this option. Earlier this process was considered as an experimental procedure but this is not the case right now. Additionally, this process does not increase the risk of birth defects or pregnancy complications.

    Make sure you seek the help of our gynae in Moga as she will let you know about the entire process by examining your condition.

    Is it the right option?

    • Women consider the option of egg freezing because they want to have children but currently they are not ready to start the family.
    • Additionally, if the women are diagnosed with cancer then also this option works best. Undergoing chemotherapy can affect the fertility so with egg freezing fertility can be preserved.
    • Ideally, before the age of 35, you should opt for this choice. This is because, after that, the egg supply starts declining which can make it difficult to get the best quality eggs.

    Well, the final decision is yours. Make sure you discuss the options with our fertility doctor so that you can make the right choice.

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